Wild Betta Hendra - Pair

Wild Betta Hendra - Pair

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Name: Betta Hendra

Temperament: Moderately aggressive and the male is territorial, can keep multiples pairs as long as your tank is big enough for groups. Recommend 5 gallons tank size per pair.

Size: 4 - 7cm

Diet: Live food, can be trained to eat frozen or dried foods.

Water Condition:

Temperature: 21c - 28c       pH: 4 - 6.6       TDS: 60 - 120


Reproduction: Betta Hendra are bubblenesters and the male will build a bubble nest under a leaf or inside of a film canister left to float in the tank.


  • Will prey on smaller tank mate.
  • Please note that like most wild betta, their coloration is based on their environment and health condition.
  • Can stay in slightly high TDS water but prefer soft and acidic water.