Wild Betta Antuta - Pair

Wild Betta Antuta - Pair

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Name: Betta Antuta

Temperament: Territorial and aggressive. Recommend 15 gallon tank size per pair. 

Size:  10 - 13cm

Diet: Live food, can be trained to eat frozen or dried foods.

Water Condition:

Temperature: 22c - 28c       pH: 5 - 7      TDS: 60 - 200


Reproduction : Antuta is a mouthbrooder and the male incubates from 12 to 17 days. Incubation time can vary with water temperature.  Females normally initiate spawning.



  • Will prey on smaller tank mate.
  • Please note that like most wild betta, their coloration is based on their environment and health condition.
  • Antuta is very tolerant of water chemistry and thrives in almost any type of water as long as it is clean and well filtered. However, soft acidic water is the best.