Indian Almond Leaves

Indian Almond Leaves

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Indian Almond Leaves  /  Catappa Leaves

Indian almond leaves is one of the most popular natural products used for aquarium.

It can improve your water quality , reduce pH level and hardness.  Also many aquarist believe it can kill bacteria, fungus and viruses and allowing an injured fish to heal much quicker.

A leafy location for your fish to spawn, many fish release their eggs on or underneath fallen leaves in nature.  Especially for betta fish, the bubble nesters will create a bubble around the floating leaves .

Almond leaves is a gift for your fish have hatched.  Many fish keepers add almond leaves to fry tanks.  The leaves give fry a place to hide, allowing them to feel safe.  For sure there are no predators in your fry tank, but your tiny fish don't know that.