Shipping Policy

Please pay attention to YOUR weather

When winter is here, the temperatures may drop and create a poor travel experience for the fish. If the temperatures are too cold, we might hold your order until the temperatures are safe to ship out your order. 


All DOAs are still guaranteed in the event of delay caused by severe weather or courier-related issues.

We stand by our quality guaranteed livestock. Good healthy livestock will be able to handle an extra day in transit under optimal shipping conditions and proper packaging. 


Shipping policy for standard and expedite shipping

Standard shipping start at $25, expedite shipping start at $45 (it could be more, depending size/weight/distance).

Please note that DOA is not guaranteed with standard and expedite shipping!

*There are no refunds or substitutions for DOAs* 



Shipping policy for Express (next day)

The *Express* next day shipping start at $65 (it could be more, depending size/weight/distance)

The "next day" shipping has a Live Arrival Guarantee (not including shipping)

*There are no refunds or substitutions for DOAs*

 Clear photos of DOA in the original packaging must be e-mailed to as evidence. Please ensure livestock are identifiable in the photos.


Shipping time

We prefer to ship on weekdays(Monday and Tuesday) to avoid any hold ups and delayed packages. Please give us at least one day(24 Hours) before packaging, pick up order and shipping out any products. For your shipment, we are flexible up until Thursday if requested or depends your location.

The best time to order would be on the weekend, as we can ship them out early Monday. Feel free to message us to discuss a preferable shipment date for you.


It is your responsibility to track and receive the package on the first delivery attempt!

Turn around time for these orders are typically next shipment day available (shipment days are typically Monday mornings). Exceptions apply with inclement weather.


Situations where DOA guarantees are void

  • If a delivery is...1 missed, 2 delayed due to rescheduling of delivery, or 3 package is left outdoors for an extended period of time.
  • If customer requests to change a mailing address after the order has already been packed and shipped out.
  • Any wrong address input by the customer during ordering process also voids DOA guarantee.
  • Special shipment requests outside of the regular shipment days (after Wednesdays).
  • Failure to provide DOA photos within 6 hours of receiving the package.
  • Any unidentifiable items in photos will not account for DOA guarantees.


Currently we are shipping with UPS only.

There are no refunds or return/exchange for all the purchases.