Live Food Cultures - Micro Worms

Live Food Cultures - Micro Worms

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Micro Worms Cultures(in 8oz container) is are excellent live food for new born fish / fry. They can grow up to 3mm in length.

Culturing Micro Worms  is very easy.  Prepare some oatmeal, pinch of yeast and mix it all up with some water until it is very moist, then add a spoonful of old Micro Worms Cultures and mix it again.  After a few days, you should see plenty of wiggly worms on the sides of the container.

Harvest, can use cotton swab or finger to scrape the worms off the sides. Then drop into your tank let your fish enjoy it. (Avoid the mixture get into you tank!)

Keep the cultures in room temperature, they can usually be kept going for a month.  If the culture gets watery, you can add some more oatmeal. If too dry then add water.  When the culture starts to smell bad, it's time to start a new one.