Live Food Cultures - Grindle Worms

Live Food Cultures - Grindle Worms

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Grindle Worms Cultures(in 8oz container)  is ideal for juvenile or smaller adult fish, such as Parosphromenus, betta Api Api, betta Albimarginata. . .

Culturing Micro Worms, can use  coconut fiber, peat moss or sterilized gardening soil.  The bedding should be damp and place the bedding into a container then add your starter culture.

Harvest the worm. You can use a piece of plastic (ex. 2CM x 2CM), dip the plastic into your tank then place the plastic on the cultures bedding and wait about few minutes, you'll see the worms on the plastic. Dip the plastic in your tank and feed your fish.  Or when you have pretty much worms in the cultures, you can always use your finger or cotton swab to scrape the side of the container.

Keep, your cultures at room temperature. Feed the cultures with fish food every /every other day. You can just sprinkle the food on top of the soil or feeding mesh/plastic. Keep your cultures bedding damp and well ventilated.  If you don't want to share your cultures bedding with some bugs, you might need to use filter floss to block the ventilation holes. When the culture starts to smell bad, it's time to start a new one.